Extra Innings: 07/05/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Congratulations to John McLaren who notched his 1st victory! It was an honor to be coached by him in Boston and Seattle. He deserves this job…as this couldn’t go to a better guy and better baseball man.
P.S. – I need to get in shape. My stomach looks like i just ate a volleyball…but i will follow Logan and Casey throughout the year and see if i can play volleyball anytime soon.  (www.avp.com)

Cuch’s thoughts:  The Hot Dog eating contest was out of control. I watched and laughed as the announcers proclaimed the upset the "Biggest moment in American Sports History." I watched as guys STUFFED their mouths and ate over 60 hot dogs in 12 minutes and still look like they didn’t gain an ounce. That was more like one of the funnier, weirder events in American Sports history.
P.S. – www.AVP.com – the Casey Logan tracker begins this season – lets see how they do in Seaside Heights, NJ this weekend!


Great interview with McLaren this morning. A very smart guy who knows what he is talking about. Great show all around today, looking forward to the Stadium talk tomorrow.

Luckily, I missed the hot dog eating contest this year. I was there last year, and was slightly scarred. Since then I haven’t been able to look at a hot dog the same…

Since competitive eating is a “sport” it’s time to start a fantasy league…


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