Extra Innings: 07/13/07

Marz’s thoughts:  It is Friday the 13th and it seems like a perfect day for the Phillies to get their 10,000th loss! Once they lose, the team will turn the corner. This may not be a national headline but in Philly where the fans where their passion on their sleeves, it is. The positive is they have been around long enough to lose it but the negative is that they will be the organization with the most losses!
P.S. – I should have made fun of EJ the Engineer a lot more. That weasel escaped for way too long. I plan on being worse next week.

Cuch’s thoughts:  The type of ownership I want for my team is the George Steinbrenner, Arte Moreno, Mark Cuban type. Good news for Cubs fans is that Mavs owner Mark Cuban is putting his name in the mix for ownership of the Chicago Cubs. The owners who come in and want to spend money and care what the total number of wins is for your club at years end is much better to root for.
P.S. – Better luck to Casey and Logan on the AVP Crocs Tour who finished 13th and 9th respectively in New Jersey. The next stop is Long Beach, CA. www.avp.com

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I’m a big Mark Cuban fan. Watching him at Mavericks games you can see h’es not just an owner, but a fan himself. He is definately an owner any Cubs fan would love to see, but do you think MLB would approve a sale with Mark Cuban owning a franchise?


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