Extra Innings: 07/17/07

Marz’s thoughts:  The Phillies and Mets have to go out west. It is a prime example of good pitching beating good hitting. Philly and New York each have good offensive clubs but they were each shut down by teams in LA and San Diego that have upper tier pitching. It is because of this that I think that the Wild Card will come out of the West. Between the Dodgers and Padres…one will win the division and the other will take the wild card.
P.S. – Billy "The Fly" Sample would make the perfect wrestler with those sunglasses he had on today. He looked just like a fly with the bug eyes and his finishing move would be the Swatter!

Cuch’s thoughts:  So Scott Olsen gets suspended by the Marlins for two games without pay and we are more confused. What is Olsen’s deal? He has already been reprimanded for giving an obscenity to the crowd in Milwaukee. Clearly, Fredi Gonzalez is trying to cut off something at the pass and hopefully he figures it out. The Marlins have one of the most talented young staffs, however – Willis and Olsen have underperformed…Johnson was hurt and Sanchez settled down too. If they get back on track, they will compete!
P.S. – To answer the big question left unanswered today…it was the green death flavor



The green death flavor will put anyone in a coma – next time try the citrus or cherry..

-John R


I agree with Marz about the NL West, and would add that the AL West is looking as it may be the same way. Being a Left Coaster, it makes for great baseball to see tight division races all year long, but in this instance the Wild Card may actually take something away from the excitement of what should be incredible division fights.

Even if they lose, they still win.

But there are still four other divisions slugging it out if this is the way it ends up. Detroit and Cleveland. Milwaukee and The Cubs. Boston and… well, SOMEBODY could come to life in that division.

Hence why the Wild Card is still great. Sure, it may take some of the excitement away from a division race every once in a while, but there’s still great teams left with nothing at the end of the year….

-Sid McHenry


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