Extra Innings: 07/19/07

Marz’s thoughts:  It was great to see a former teammate like Carlos Pena have a break out year. He is one of the nicest guys I have even met in baseball. Vinny and I constantly talk about how that transcends average, homeruns and RBIs. I am hoping that Tampa Bay understands what a great talent they have and he gets a long term contract. I think that organization is headed in the right direction and he will be an intergral part of it.
P.S. – I am going to tear some wallpaper off my wall so Vinny can wear it tomorrow on the show.

Cuch’s thoughts:  First off, what is with the ragging on my shirt? Secondly, it was all apart of my little scam! I knew Johnny Marz couldn’t resist making fun of it. Finally, We have figured on the show that 13 of 30 teams are actual sellers in the trade market. That number might still even be high considering we have the White Sox and Marlins in that group. Each are teams that can make the argument that they are talented enough or close enough to compete. With all that said, i believe we have one QUIET trade deadline.
P.S. – Coming up tomorrow – a Casey and Logan watch update. They are in Long Beach this weekend. (www.avp.com)

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