Extra Innings: 07/20/07

Marz’s thoughts:  The question is inevitably going to come up…whether or not the homerun record is tainted. If you read the book "Game of Shadows", you will have an understanding of what was going on in Barry Bonds’ life during this homerun chase. It is my opinion that this record was broken using some form of performance enhancing drugs, so i believe there should be an asterisk next to his name when in does break this record.
P.S. – I am going to go home and study my new words that I learned from Dave Check serendipitously….did i spell that right? who cares!

Cuch’s thoughts:    I watched the MLS All-Star game and although it is not impacting Johnny Marz, i am definitely more tuned in. Am i a devout soccer fan? No, but am I someone who keeps up with major events like this, yes. Money aside, David Beckham seems to have good intentions here and I will be paying attention to see what comes of his arrival in the US. (www.mlsnet.com)
P.S. – Does Tom Glavine sound intimidating Mets fans come playoff time? Add last nights performance to the list and seems as though there are holes in his water bucket.

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