Extra Innings: 07/24/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Minnesota has been a 2nd half team every year and Johan Santana has been the reason. As he goes, so do the Twins. He gave up 4 homeruns for the first time in his career yesterday. I don’t know for sure but the pitcher with the nasty stuff that Johan has that maybe – just maybe he is tipping his pitches!
P.S. – I felt bad for EJ missing us while we made fun of him until he came back with a cone in each hand!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Did Aaron Harang really go 10 innings? That is unheard of nowadays. What was more impressive is that he was able to mentally be prepared. Harang returned that day from his grandfathers funeral and pitched beautifully. His team would get the win in extra innings and I am sure that there was no better way to commemorate his grandfather than to go out and pitch the way he did.
P.S. – So we learned that they are authenticating the 499th homer (A-Rod) and 754th homer (Bonds) but why!?? Is it to practice the procedure for when the homers that actually break records happens?!

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