Extra Innings: 07/25/07

Marz’s thoughts:  You have to congratulate Craig Biggio on a tremendous career. He is going out the way a Hall of Famer should go out when he is on top. If I can have my career all over again, I would want to emulate his career both on and off the field. I also find it amazing how he has a flare for the dramatic. Just hours after he announces his retirement, B-G-O goes out and hits a Grand Slam to win it for the Astros!
P.S. – I wanted Craig Biggio’s career and got Bob Ueckers.

Cuch’s thoughts:  What does all of this cream, clear and steroid talk do? Well – evidence is just building up way too much and everyone can’t be in on some conspiracy at once, can they? I am not trying to be naive in the whole situation but the only fair way to handle it is to enjoy what Barry Bonds is accomplishing from a baseball standpoint and appreciate what talent it takes to achieve. I think Bud Selig is doing the right thing by going and saying the right things too…if and when new information comes out!
P.S. – What do you make of the new rumor circulating because of the comments on THIS BLOG that have people now linking Alyssa Milano to Dodger catcher Russell Martin?

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