Extra Innings: 07/30/07

Marz’s thoughts:  As a General Manager you always err on the side of caution when making a deal. If in fact Mark Teixeira heads to Atlanta for Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Elvis Andrus, this is one of those times that hurts. Salty is a blue chip prospect with tons of power. This would rank up there with the Kazmir to Tampa and Bagwell to Houston deals. They are guys you don’t want to trade because they can give you 10-15 years of quality ball. I would have found a way to get him or McCann over at 1B and keep the other catching.
P.S. – I can’t wait to get in the car and sing "On the Road Again" while heading home. I will sing loudly too!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Chris the Producer really has a lead foot but he made two great decisions for food on our way up to Cape Cod so I can’t be a hater! Last month I was saying that I wanted to see Barry hit the record breaking homer at home to avoid the silly stuff but now I think it would be more intriguing if he did it in LA or SD. I want to see the crowd reaction and Barry’s since he knows he will be sticking it in their faces. Plus, we get to see Bud react!
P.S. – With the trade deadline just over 24 hours away, I still expect very little dealing. Contracts are too high and teams do not want to give up many prospects.

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I like Tex, but the Braves gave up a lot. Scherholtz is one of the best, and normally doesn’t make bad trades, but if the Braves can’t resign Tex, this could be bad.

I’m surprised at how little the Phillies have had to give up to get Lohse and Iguchi. Both players won’t put them over the top (thought I can see Iguchi finding a stroke in the NL), but will be servicable.

23 more hours… Lots of rumors, and deadline deals…


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