Extra Innings: 07/26/07

Seth’s thoughts:  When have I ever had any thoughts that make sense? I am clearly someone who is lost and confused. I always have a stupid look on my face and I make little sense…so NO, i do not have any Extra Innings thoughts.
P.S. – This blog entry may or may not have been tampered with by John Marzano

Cuch’s thoughts:  Kudos to the Toronto Blue Jays who scored 11 runs in the 6th inning of their win yesterday. They have played good baseball lately but i can’t put a finger on their pulse. Are they a team that can think about obtaining players who are they retooling? How far away from competing for a division title are they? Health is always an issue but taking that out of the equation for a moment, they are one good pitcher away from being a force. The lineup is there, the top of the rotation is as well and if available, they have a dominant closer in BJ Ryan.
P.S. – I mean really Seth…who brings props to a rant?!?!

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