Extra Innings: 08/13/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Placido Polanco has not made an error in 147 straight games tying Luis Castillo’s mark. He is the glue to that ballclub. He hits with runners in scoring position. He hits behind runners and hits situationally…and above all – he is great defensively! Out of everyone in that Tiger lineup, if he were to be out, they would sink like a stone.
P.S. – Forget jet skiing…I am going skydiving and showing everyone up!

Cuch’s thoughts:  The Angels swept the Twins over the weekend and it put Minnesota below .500. Are they done? I am not going to go that far but the Twins are in trouble. They are not getting the same MVP years out of Morneau and Mauer and that is not to say they are underpeforming, but it was a big reason why they are not having the same stretch as before. Plus, Johan Santana is still great but not dominant like he has been in the past. This may all sound odd, but it all adds up right now to a game below .500
P.S. – Rick Ankiel for President – at least for now!

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Hey Guys,

I think the Twins are done. In the past they’ve been able to rally late in the season, but the Tigers and Indians are both stronger then they’ve been in the past.


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