Extra Innings: 08/14/07

Marz & Cuch’s thoughts:  Our best wishes go out to the friends and family of Phil Rizzuto who passed away today at the age of 89. He entered the Hall of Fame in 1994 and was one of the most colorful broadcasters around.
John: As a former player, you immediately think back to all the times when you were around older players in the clubhouse and during Spring Training and you watch as they share stories, act young again and seem like they could go out on the field if you gave them the ok. Phil Rizzuto fits right into the mold!
Vin: Like many little kids growing up on Long Island in New York, I remember many days listening to Phil Rizzuto call games on the TV and between his stories…his love of the game and his genuine personality – as a former player certainly he wasn’t as polished but he was my version of Vin Scully and Ernie Harwell and Jack Buck.

P.S. – Here are the list of teams that are in the Leading Off Elimination Pool (Once you get in the pool, there is no going out)

Orioles, Devil Rays, White Sox, Royals, A’s, Rangers, Marlins, Nationals, Astros, Reds, Pirates and Giants

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