Extra Innings: 08/20/07

Marz’s thoughts:  John Smoltz set the all-time Braves record for strikeouts passing the old franchise record set by Phil Niekro. I believe he would also be in the mix for 300 career wins with Maddux and Glavine if he didn’t move to the bullpen for the good of the team. He still was able to be an effective closer and then for the good of the team moved back to the rotation. He is a class act and future Hall of Famer.
P.S. – The show ended 10 minutes ago and I have already sent EJ the Engineer 17 text messages. He hasn’t repsonded yet. Are you busy working? Where are you EJ?

Cuch’s thoughts:  Jermaine Dye is on the verge of signing a 2 year 22 million dollar extension with the Chicago White Sox. He went from the trade block to extension just like that. It makes sense anyways condsidering how much he spoke highly of the team and what it was like when he won there in 2005. Dye fits with the team and they are a few moves away from respectability once more anyways, so if he is comfortable, there is no reason to change things up.
P.S. – Tomorrow we will "Astrotravel" to the future to learn which NL East SS we would like on our squad!

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