Extra Innings: 08/21/07

Marz’s thoughts:  We didn’t get the chance to talk about the Seattle Mariners today and Raul Ibanez. Raul has 9 homeruns this month and has been carrying this team. He has not been getting the recognition he deserves because he is playing in Seattle. Also, John McLaren has done an outstanding job managing this team. People are waiting for this team to falter but I think they are going to take it down to the wire with the Yankees.
P.S. – I never thought Chris the Producer could look any uglier but he did when his face was stretched out going skydiving.

Cuch’s thoughts:  Congrats to Jeff Cirillo who appeared for an inning in the D-Backs loss to Milwaukee last night. It was 9-0 and Cirillo came on to save the pen. He walked two but did strike out 1 (Craig Counsell) getting out of the frame. We don’t see position players pitching often and it is obvious why but it is fun to see the reactions of guys who go down on strikes to them or get a big hit especially if they are friends.
P.S. – I still think Craig Monroe is the big name out there to add but Jeff Conine is in a close 2nd. Just this weekend I was wondering what the Mets would do to address their depth and Conine is a good step.

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The Mariners are a team that’s been easy to overlook, but they are strong. For them to be ranked second in team batting average (given Richie Sexson’s embarassing .208), is impressive.

Their rotation can be frightening, but their bullpen is lights out..

Not since the days of Johnny Marz has there been such a strong Mariners team. It’s good to see the Mariners jumping into the playoff hunt!


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