Extra Innings: 08/22/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Carlos Beltran had 5 RBI’s in the Mets win yesterday single handedly keeping his team in the game and giving them a chance to win. Since coming off the DL, he has been sensational. He is the Alex Rodriguez of the New York Mets. He has to be perfect to justify his huge contract. I think Carlos Beltran is a phenominal athlete and player and deserves more respect from the fans.
P.S. – In repsonse to Bruce in Garden City,KS – It won’t be the Chinese Empire – it will be the Italian Empire that will rule the world and I will be King! Oh yeah and Vinny will be the Court Jester!

Cuch’s thoughts:  So the fan who caught ball #756 is putting it up for auction. What i find ironic is that he didn’t plan the trip out. He stopped there on his way to Australia and bought a last minute ticket. He isn’t even a Giants or Bonds fan though he does respect him. He claims to have not wanted to sell it but "simple math" made his decision easy. I can understand this claim. I feel like i would want to be the good person and give the ball to Barry or savor the rich baseball tradition but with the money available it is very understandable that you just CAN NOT let it go without selling it to the highest bidder.
P.S. – But I don’t wanna be the Court Jester!

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While I thought the kid’s press conference was pretty stupid, I don’t understand why he would have to pay taxes on the ball if he chose to keep it. That seems pretty messed up to me. It’s a ball, unless he sells it and has a buyer, it’s value is retained with the owner. Tax should only be paid on what it sells for, not for the appraised value if he chose to keep it.


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