Extra Innings: 08/24/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Of all the weekend series, none has more importance to each team playing in it than the Yankees and Tigers. New York just lost 2 of 3 to LAA and Detroit lost 2 of 3 to Cleveland. Both of these teams are vying for playoff positions and each of them need to distance themselves from other teams in the American League. In the beginning of the season, both of these teams were supposed to be the two best teams in the American League. Now they are fighting for their playoff lives.
P.S. – If you give your pitcher an advatage – it is NOT cheating! haha

Cuch’s thoughts:  Plans for a BASEBALL Weekend like none other before. I have beat myself up enough this summer and need to rest. I plan on having a couch filled weekend with lots of baseball and lots of pizza perhaps. Maybe i will invite Johnny Marz over to hang out, but only on the condition that he doesn’t wear his 1983 Phillies replica jersey!
P.S. – Sorry Canada…but on Monday we will add the Toronto Blue Jays to the Leading Off Elimination Pool

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Marz, the Yanks and Tigers are huge, noo doubt, but what about the Phillies and the Padres! If the Phillies keep the lifeless play they did against the Dodgers, the Phillies might be in the Elimination Pool come Monday…

It’s a great weekend for baseball. I’ll be watching via MLB.TV.


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