Extra Innings: 08/27/07

Marz’s Thoughts: Congratulations to Carlos Pena on his 30th home run, he has to be the lead candidate for Comeback Player of the Year. Also, Kelvim Escobar is having a CY Young type season. A lot of people on the east coast don’t get a chance to see him pitch because he plays in Anaheim. Arizona wins another one-run game, they are now 24-9 since July 21st. It is amazing how they have been outscored all season long and still hold the lead in the NL West. But how about the Brewers, who are now 5-14 since August 5th after losing on Sunday.
P.S. – So long Toronto…it was nice eliminating you today, but my ears are still ringing from the sound effects!

Chris’ Thoughts: Vinny is way to big time to be filling out a blog like this, so I decided to do it today. What is up with Bob Wickman? He always seemed like a great teammate everywhere he went. Went about his business, didn’t cause any problems and was successful. There has to be more to the story in Atlanta than what we are hearing.
P.S. – Doesn’t it seem like the Astros are one of the classiest organizations around. Nice job by retiring Jeff Bagwell’s number this past weekend.

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