Eztra Innings: 09/05/07

Marz’s thoughts:  The football season starts tomorrow and I am a huge football fan and love watching it on TV. I am also a huge baseball fan love to watch baseball on TV. I can’t understand for the life of me if you are a sports fan why you would pit one sport against the other. I tend to feel that if you are from a city that you would watch and cheer for "ALL" the teams! For example, it bothers me when the Philly fans say that they are giving up on the Phillies and going to the Eagles after a loss. Stick it out with your team until the season ends!
P.S. – Go Eagles…uh, i mean Phillies too!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Speaking of football…The Michigan Wolverines lose to Appalachian State and all of a sudden fall out of the Top 25. College football as a sport is nice, as a playoff is STUPID!! They lose one game against a GREAT Subdivision team and their season might as well be over. They have no shot at a National Championship and the BCS is totally bogus!
P.S. – The Red Sox, Indians, Angels and Mets are in the playoffs. I think at this point it is safe to say they are 4 of the 8 bids.

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As much as I like football, it’s still baseball season. There’s still some great Wild Card races to watch, though I’ll be getting my football on this Sunday.

Too much emphisis is placed on college football. The bowl system is absurd. Once they change the BCS garbage, I might be more interested.


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