Extra Innings: 09/06/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Kenny Rogers and Mark Mulder came back pitching for two teams that are in the Wild Card hunt. Sometimes it is not the trades you make but the guys you get back from injury and how well they perform that can put a team over the top and into the playoffs.
P.S. – Here is a note to all you players that listen. Come on the show and hit homers and throw shutouts…ask Brandon Phillips and Justin Germano.

Cuch’s thoughts:  I have no problem with Carl Crawford getting suspended as he did for arguing with the umpire on a play at first base. The only issue i have with the situation is that he was entirely right. Now that should not determine the his suspension but as a competitor, it is clear that he would get furious at such a bad call. There is no suspension but what can we do to the umpire for getting it wrong? I believe the umps do a great job as a whole but there is no visible punishment for an ump when they make the mistake.
P.S. – Keep an eye on Carlos Delgado and his sore hip. He is having an MRI and although right now it is not the biggest deal with the Mets holding a lead – but as we get closer to the playoffs, it becomes an issue!

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With Rogers and Sheffield both back, the Tigers might get a spark for the final three weeks.

The Tigers second half has been disturbing. A strong final month would be fun to watch and a great baseball story.

You know the Tigers won’t be blowing any 6 run leads in the final two innings. only the Phillies are good enough for a feat like that…


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