Extra Innings: 09/21/07

Marz’s thoughts:  For Milwaukee to win the division, they need a healthy Ben Sheets. They said there is a 50/50 chance that he may go his next start. The Brewers without Ben Sheets are not the same team. When you know your ace is going to throw, it gives your team so much more confidence. Hopefully, he is 100% healthy because I want to see both teams…the Cubs and the Brewers battle with their best.
P.S. – Happy 18th Birthday to my baby Dominique!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Sammy Sosa said if he returns for another season that the Rangers will be his first choice. It will be more like whomever wants him will be his first choice…however he has shown that he can have value. This race down the stretch is incredible…there is no question that the playoffs have already begun! The Rockies need all three of these games and their toughest one will be tonight. If the Rockies can break through to Peavy in San Diego in game 1, then i like their chances on Saturday and Sunday.
P.S. – Happy Birthday to John’s daughter as well…Do you remember? The 21st night of September!

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