Extra Innings: 09/24/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Wow – How about these Colorado Rockies. The H-Bombs got the job done. Everytime you count this team out and think they have no shot at the playoffs….THEY PULL US BACK IN! I do not think many people are taking this team serious yet, but they have great players, a very good manager and are playing right now like a playoff team. If they were to make the postseason, the team that has to face the Rockies better not take them lightly.
P.S. – Go Team Sweden!…uh…uh, I mean EAGLES

Cuch’s thoughts:  Those were the ugliest unis ever that the Eagles wore yesterday. Anyways, Philly has better things to talk about nowadays with the Phillies. Stop the football talk there…the Phils are playing great baseball and have charged back into the race. They sit just a half game back of the Wild Card and you would assume if they can take care of their job, San Diego is playing 4 against the Padres to close out the year and that will be much tougher for them.
P.S. – Tomorrow – we are going to learn who the sexiest fan alive is…stay tuned!

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