Extra Innings: 09/25/07

Marz’s thoughts:  WOW – Am I looking forward to this week…To steal a line from Major League Baseball…"I live for this"  –  I can’t wait until 7:00 tonight and 10 eastern time to watch as every NL team battles for 4 spots! Six games left and not one of them has been settled! That is incredible.
P.S. – There is NO DOUBT that I am the sexiest fan alive! EJ STINKS!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Though Jason Lane is a good addition, the San Diego Padres take a major hit in their postseason hopes. Mike Cameron gets hurt on the field so that is understandable but for Milton Bradley to tear his ACL while arguing with an umpire is so bizarre. The Padres have arguably the best pitching of the potential postseason teams but the offense needs all the help it can get. San Diego went from my NL favorite had they gotten in to on thin ice to even make it.
P.S. – Milwaukee remains on thin ice for the pool – they need another win and a Cubs loss! Anything else and we begin to evaluate tomorrow. I hope they stick around to make the Padres – Brewers matchup fun this weekend.

One comment

  1. Jason

    I’m stelaing a MLB Line as well, though it’s from the 80’s… “Baseball Fever, Catch It”, and I havea serious case.

    Bummer about the Padres. Maybe Milton Bradley should learn to control himself… He has no one to blame but himself… Hopefully the Phillies can capitalize…

    Lots of great action this week… No game is meaningless…


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