April 2007

Extra Innings: 04/13/07

Marz’s thoughts:  I had the honor of playing against some of the greatest African-American players ever in Barry Bonds and Kirby Puckett. In addition, i played with one of the best in Ken Griffey Jr. All of this would not have been possible without Jackie Robinson. He gave opportunities to many African-American players to not only play but become stars!
P.S. – I am still gonna need a little more juice outta Petey Mac’s next appearance!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Happy Friday the 13th. Some of my favorite superstitions that we didn’t get to discuss on today’s show were – sleeping with your bat or glove, keeping a dirty hat or helmet, taking the same route to the stadium, habits in the batter’s box, not talking to a pitcher during a no-hitter and playoff beard!
P.S. – Don’t forget, we have a big announcement coming early next week. Longtime listeners and viewers of MLB Radio and the Baseball Channel will love the segment!

Extra Innings: 04/12/07

Marz’s thoughtsEncarnacion lifted in Reds game vs. Arizona  I played under Jerry Narron while he was a coach in Texas and he is one of the most old school and knowledgable coaches in the game. I applaud his decision to remove Edwin Encarnacion from Wednesday nights game for his lack of hustle. It was a mistake that can be corrected but the move shows Edwin and the other players that they need to respect the Manager and the game!
P.S. – I was surprised not to see Schilling as Daisuke’s translator during his press conference since he knows so much Japanese.

Cuch’s thoughts:  I will stick with the Reds theme and remind you to head on over to the Reds Hall of Fame this Saturday when the club celebrates Pete Rose’s birthday. Now is your chance to sign an oversized card for Pete and take a tour of Great American Ballpark.
P.S. – My second favorite sport is Hockey and hats off to the Canucks and Stars who played until 3am ET and nearly into the 5th OT to decide a game one winner. I will root for my Rangers, but i am on record as saying the Canucks will win the Cup this year. Good pitching wins and so does good goaltending!

Great comments yesterday – KEEP ‘EM coming!


Extra Innings: 04/11/07

Marz’s thoughts: Sure, all the hype in Boston today will surround Matsuzaka and Felix, but i say keep a keen eye on the potential rumble between the two teams. There is still bad blood between the two. Jose Guillen is a hot tempered guy and do you think Sox players like Ortiz and Ramirez might be thinking about the 97 mph fastball that King Felix throws?
P.S. – I may not have had alot of hits but i was in 3 fights and i had 3 TKO’s!

Cuch’s thoughts: Buy your tickets now for Frank Thomas pillow night on September the 2nd at Rogers Centre. What a joke it was to see how people can’t lighten up and see the commercial for what it is. It is a pillow fight, the kids are having fun, Frank Thomas is a large guy and he is smiling the whole time. Stop nitpicking what is going on out there and laugh once in a while. It makes the day alot easier.
P.S. – Marzano thinks he can beat me in a basketball game? That guy is kidding himself. I have a lethal outside shot and he is like what – 73 years old?

John_shades_2 Check out this pic of John Marzano in his authentic Cleveland Indians Rick Vaughn promotional glasses. Visit the Jake on April the 25th to get your own pair! Does John look like Charlie Sheen or does he look more like….

A) Vince Lombardi
B) Peter Parker
C) Clark Kent

Extra Innings: 04/10/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Chris Carpenter is on the shelf until at least April the 17th. However, don’t worry in St. Louis as the Cardinals always find a way to win. Looper looked great, Wainwright pitched well and with Dave Duncan and Tony LaRussa on the bench, the Redbirds are in good hands! This team won 83 games last year and still won the World Series. Don’t count em out!
PS – I am wearing my paper bag on my head for the ride home! Phillies stink!

Cuch’s thoughts:  I can’t believe he wore a bag on his head to start the show. It is only week one and the city of Philadelphia is in a state of emergency! With the shift on, Carlos Delgado laid down a bunt for a single. Sure, he may be a power hitter and you might think the defense wins by having him not swing the bat, but if he can consistently lay that bunt down, the defense will be forced to move and it will open things up for him in later at-bats!
PS – Marzano is still a BUM and it is all about the Blue Jays – sorry to Maple Leafs fans but the Rangers are winning the Stanley Cup anyways!

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