Extra Innings: 05/22/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Cole Hamels nearly threw a no-hitter his last time out. Here is a guy with nasty stuff and says he feels like if it is all working, he can throw a no-hitter on any given night. Here is a stat to ponder. Hamels is the Major League leader in pitches that opposing hitters swing and miss with.
P.S. – What jersey do you want me to wear on the show tomorrow? Let me know!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Milwaukee went 3-7 in their tough 10 game stretch that we on the show would give us an idea of how good they are. I still think they are ok, but the next 9 games will test them again. 3 @ LA, 3 @ SD and 3 vs. ATL – they already won the first – so if they can go 4-4 the rest of the way, they can be at 32-17 and that is very respectable headed into June!
P.S. – I think John can wear any jersey he wants as long as he wears a paper bag over his head!


Enjoying your show daily at about dinnertime over here (Netherlands, Europe, which is a 6 hour time difference with ET)

Mr Marzano, you should try wearing a Padres jersey, especially if they win tonight! They’re my fave team for a few years now.

And, uhm, if u decide to wear the suggested bag, don’t forget to put some breather holes in it! And of course draw a funny face on it!

By the way, do you guys think Rick Vanden Hurk will be back later this season for the Marlins? (We used to be teammates a few years back here in the Netherlands, back when he was a catcher, lol)



(yeah, try to pronounce that one! haha)

Vinny- The Brewers are interesting. Their bats are starting to cool. I think they’ll still do okay, only because of their division.

I haven’t been sold on the Brewers from opening day (I still think their a little young, but the future looks bright), but unless the Cubs or Astros can put something together, the Central might be theirs.


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