Extra Innings: 06/22/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Be sure to come on down to Mickey Mantle’s restaurant tomorrow (Saturday the 23rd) at 4 ET. I will be in a showdown with Mighty Mouse himself "Casey Stern". I have been practicing and will be doing so ALL NIGHT tonight as i gear up for the game.
P.S. – I would be stuck on an island with ANY female but Rosie O’Donnell and that is how you pass the Marz Quiz!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Bob Howry had him in his sights. He had Kenny Lofton dead in a rundown and made the right move to run him back to the base he started on, but he waited too long to make the throw and Lofton got back. He later scored on a double down the line. The Rangers win and it just adds to the fundamental miscues that the Cubbies have had this year giving Lou Piniella a headache.
P.S. – Please VOTE for Matt Holliday for OF for the NL. He is leading the league in average and helping the Rockies become one of the hottest teams in baseball.

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Hey Guys,

If the Cubs didn’t constantly beat themselves they’d be a good team. With the mental breakdowns and fundamental lapses you can’t expect much of an improvement out of them.

Pinella’s a great manager and has the ability to turn the team around. The talent is there, just some areas need to be tweaked. The Michael Barrett trade is only the beginning of the Cubs transactions this summer.

John- Get your practice on… Looking forward to tomorrow!


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