Extra Innings: 08/17/07

Marz’s thoughts:  There are some great matchups this weekend and none takes the cake more than Cubs-Cards. The fact that St. Louis had crept back into the race is what is making this intriguing. The Cubs just signed Carlos Zambrano to an extension and that adds a spark to that club. I am looking forward to this series and expect it to be hard fought. It will probably end in a split after the wrap around series is done which means that the Reds-Brewers will have quite an impact on how the NL Central race looks heading into next week!
P.S. – Can’t wait to Astrotravel on Monday and hopefully Chris doesn’t fall too far without pulling the chord!

Cuch’s thoughts:  I echo John’s statements on Chris! Also, Astrotravel will be fun – here is a sneak peak for Monday – the following cities will be on our radar as we will fill out the All-Star future dates…
P.S. – Cameron Maybin was called up to the Tigers. I spoke to him at FanFest in 2005 when he was drafted. He was a great kid then and I hear he remains the same. He has excelled in the minors and can fly as well as hit the ball a mile. I expect him to hold a spot in the Tiger OF for years to come once he settles.

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Its great to see someone at mlb.com taking an interest in the Cardinals/Cubs rivalry, as well as the division race in the NL Central. Anywhere else, you only hear about the Red Sox and Yankees. And while I like the Yanks, they are not the only rivals in all of baseball.

I have a feeling that this 3 team race in the Central is just heating up. After all the Cardinals still have another series against both teams in September.



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