July 2007

Extra Innings: 07/13/07

Marz’s thoughts:  It is Friday the 13th and it seems like a perfect day for the Phillies to get their 10,000th loss! Once they lose, the team will turn the corner. This may not be a national headline but in Philly where the fans where their passion on their sleeves, it is. The positive is they have been around long enough to lose it but the negative is that they will be the organization with the most losses!
P.S. – I should have made fun of EJ the Engineer a lot more. That weasel escaped for way too long. I plan on being worse next week.

Cuch’s thoughts:  The type of ownership I want for my team is the George Steinbrenner, Arte Moreno, Mark Cuban type. Good news for Cubs fans is that Mavs owner Mark Cuban is putting his name in the mix for ownership of the Chicago Cubs. The owners who come in and want to spend money and care what the total number of wins is for your club at years end is much better to root for.
P.S. – Better luck to Casey and Logan on the AVP Crocs Tour who finished 13th and 9th respectively in New Jersey. The next stop is Long Beach, CA. www.avp.com

Extra Innings: 07/06/07

OUR THOUGHTS:  Off to San Francisco we go as we prepare for All Star weekend! We can’t wait to go. We will try and visit the Golden Gate Bridge…Alcatraz and Johnny Marz’s favorite place…the hotel so he can go to sleep!

If you are in SF, visit fanfest and come and say hi!

Cuch, Marz, Chris the Producer and the rest of the gang

Extra Innings: 07/05/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Congratulations to John McLaren who notched his 1st victory! It was an honor to be coached by him in Boston and Seattle. He deserves this job…as this couldn’t go to a better guy and better baseball man.
P.S. – I need to get in shape. My stomach looks like i just ate a volleyball…but i will follow Logan and Casey throughout the year and see if i can play volleyball anytime soon.  (www.avp.com)

Cuch’s thoughts:  The Hot Dog eating contest was out of control. I watched and laughed as the announcers proclaimed the upset the "Biggest moment in American Sports History." I watched as guys STUFFED their mouths and ate over 60 hot dogs in 12 minutes and still look like they didn’t gain an ounce. That was more like one of the funnier, weirder events in American Sports history.
P.S. – www.AVP.com – the Casey Logan tracker begins this season – lets see how they do in Seaside Heights, NJ this weekend!

Extra Innings: 07/03/04

Marz’s thoughts:  Congratulations to Roger Clemens on his 350th career victory. We hadn’t seen this accomplishment since Warren Spahn since 1963. There aren’t too many more players besides Greg Maddux that will accomplish this feat. I remember going to Spring Training in 1985…my first big league camp not knowing that I was warming up and catching a legend. You have accomplished all your goals. I remember talking to you back when you were just a kid and saying that you would win a World Series, Cy Youngs reach milestones and you have reached them all!
P.S. – Happy 4th of July!

Cuch’s thoughts:  The best part of this past weekend was seeing Ernie Harwell in the booth for Sunday Night Baseball. Listen to him call a game. It is not about him…it is not about the fancy call…it is not about the squeezing in unnecessary knowledge to prove you are smart. It is about calling the game and only that. It is about being a legend and not thinking about it! I could hear the difference 10 fold over many other announcers and it makes me wish that he was calling the games of my favorite team when i was younger and I could have grown up with him. Oh well – I did NOT grow up in Detroit!
P.S. – If i hear anything EAGLES anymore again, I am gonna hit John over the head with my highlighter and trust me…he doesn’t want that.

Extra Innings: 07/02/07

Marz’s thoughts:  I think the Yankee run at the postseason is over. There is way too much dissention on this club. You have the veteran players arguing amongst each other about the way the Yankees are performing on the field. Scott Proctor needed to burn the stat sheet instead of his glove! Just because you put a Yankee uniform on doesn’t mean you are going to win championships and finish in 1st place each year. You need to go out and play as a team, perform as a team and that is how you WIN championships…and this bunch of Yankees don’t get that concept. Good Luck next year.
P.S. – It was a blast going to Saturdays Phils-Mets game with Cousin Jimmy Durante…at least the part that i could see when his nose wasn’t blocking my view!

Cuch’s thoughts:  In the final man voting, we here at "Leading Off" have endorsed Chris Young of the San Diego Padres and Pat Neshek of the Minnesota Twins. Will they get it? It seems unlikely with the trend in voting BUT they are the two that deserve it most! There will always be snubs at All Star games, selection shows for tournaments and awards like the Oscars but here you have the power to send the right two guys and the two that "Leading Off" endorses!
P.S. – Gotta defend Cousin James here…the guy had a nice time in Philadelphia and he had nice words to say about the stadium. If John keeps up his trash talking, i am gonna have to sing the Mets song to shut him up!