May 2007

Extra Innings: 05/16/06

Marz’s thoughts:  I was very impressed with the guests today. It was alot of fun to talk with Rays President Matt Silverman, Brewers OF Tony Gwynn Jr. and Jason Bergmann of the Nationals. Each were insightful, funny and honest. Plus, best news of the day was Jesse Litsch in Toronto. It was great to see a bat boy 5 years later become a Major Leaguer  and play well.
P.S. – Happy Birthday to Jesse Litschs dad! His Major League debut on his dads bday? Are you kidding?

Cuch’s thoughts:  Poor Texas Rangers! After all the work they have done to get that pitching staff in order…they can not keep Kevin Millwood healthy. The guy comes off of the DL and goes right back on less than an inning into his next start.
P.S. – Check out Brewers OF Geoff Jenkins’ new  blog! I am looking forward to what he is going to say. Geoff Jenkins’ new Brewers blog!

Extra Innings: 05/15/07

Marz’s thoughts:  St. Louis finally put together a solid offensive game. They swung the bats well and needed that. They need Albert Pujols to revert to his old form. With Jim Edmonds and Scott Rolen struggling, it is hard for this offense to click. Plus, add the injury to Chris Carpenter and it doesn’t look like St. Louis will repeat this year.
P.S. – It was nice having Tino Martinez on the show today – he was clearly the 2nd best hitter in the studio! haha

Cuch’s thoughts:  I need not say more than click on this link…courtesy of GP in Cincinnati. It just shows that the players can really enjoy themselves while at work!
P.S. – Go out to Orlando and check out the Rays and Rangers for a special 3-game series!

Extra Innings: 05/14/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Lilly, Marquis & Hill have all been great for the Chicago Cubs so far. The Cubs are 5th in the National League in ERA. Once Carlos Zambrano gets his act together, the race in the NL Central will be much tighter. The inconsistent offense which is missing one key ingredient, needs a solid leadoff hitter who can get on base and jump start their offense. The Cubs have the ability to hit the longball but they can’t sustain long innings and it has cost them some wins this year.
P.S. – I know producer Chris Caron loves to line dance and he was trying to teach "the Macarena" after the show but i refused to listen!

Cuch’s thoughts:  When will we see a well executed run-down? After the botched one by the Yankees against the Mariners last week, the Giants pulled the same thing against the Rockies. After Jamey Carroll slapped a single into CF and scored a run, Carroll was caught inbetween 1st and 2nd. Ray Durham made the mistake of running Carroll to the next base instead of back towards first and then turned it into a foot race to the bag which he lost. The Rockies made it 6-2 and won the game. Fundamentals can cost a team a win!
P.S. – Wouldn’t it be weird to see Brett Favre in any uniform other than a Packer jersey? What’s that? He was in Atlanta? Oh —  well, then wouldn’t it be odd to see him in a third uniform!?!?

Extra Innings: 05/11/07

Marz’s thoughts:  We didn’t get to into it on todays show but if the Braves lose Tim Hudson, they are in trouble. X-Rays were negative on the line drive off of his wrist. Atlanta looks as if they are going to come away safely this time.

Cuch’s thoughts:  I do not believe the Brewers critics who say they are playing weaker teams in the early going. They may have, but they went 24-10 against them and that is solid. They will face a small test now however as they begin a 10-game span in New York, in Philadelphia and vs. Minnesota.

EVERYONES P.S. – Happy Mothers Day to everyone out there. Be sure to pick up a pink bat off of and support the cause against Breast Cancer. Your favorite players will be wearing pink armbands and swinging pink bats to support the cause!


Extra Innings: 05/10/07

Marz’s thoughts:  The Oakland A’s are at .500 once again and who can be surprised? Even with all the injuries, GM Billy Beane makes it work so that they can stay afloat. Plus, anyone who follows the A’s knows they have a big month in them ahead and a good second half. Look out for the Athletics.
P.S. – I will never forget the disrespect that Casey showed with his "non-handshake" and I will beat him badly on the June 23rd at Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant when we battle.

Cuch’s thoughts:  The O’s got the win and Erik Bedard struck out 10 but do NOT overlook the outing from Tampa Bay’s James Shields who went 9 full innings before the bullpen blew it in the 1-0 loss. When i asked Rays reporter Bill Chastain at the beginning of the season who might join Scott Kazmir as an elite guy on the Rays staff and to his credit he said that James Shields would be that guy!
P.S. – Curt Schilling does so much good off the field and with charities that I do not hate the guy, but i am good with Curt Schilling comments for the rest of the year…and that includes on baseball…

Great stuff from everyone and be sure to be at Mickey Mantles Restaurant in NYC on June 23rd when John battles Casey in the big matchup!

Extra Innings: 05/09/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Anthony Lerew got his first start for the Braves and pitched a very good game. It is amazing how no matter who the Braves call up, they seem to know how to pitch. Redman was a complete bust and somehow Lerew will find a way to win 10 games with this team.
Body language screams…it never whispers! Just look at the body language on Mark Grudzielanek after Billy Butler dropped a fly ball in LF. I think you are looking at a team that is totally deflated and has lost its confidence.
P.S. – Looking forward to seeing Rickey Henderson leading off tomorrow for the Detroit Tigers

Cuch’s thoughts:  How about that? We went the entire show without talking about Alex Rodriguez and we made it. In all seriousness, since i was on board with A-Rod since day one, I am happily enjoying as he hit his 15th homer of the season in a win over Texas on Tuesday.
P.S. – More to come on’s and the Baseball Channels involvement with the Guiding Eyes for the Blind foundation. It was a pleasure to be at the welcome reception where Giants QB Eli Manning spoke.


Extra Innings: 05/08/07

Marz’s thoughts:  Alex Gonzalez went to Cincinnati for his defense yet he has been exceptional offensively as well. He is hitting .307 with 7 homeruns. Sometimes players become better hitters as they get older. He is finally maturing and hitting pitches in the zone, whereas in the previous couple of years he was more of a free swinger.
P.S. – Be sure to visit for information on how to showcase your talents.

Cuch’s thoughts:  I hope you enjoyed the Orioles – Indians game yesterday, but i know i enjoyed the Hot Dog eating contest more! In the press box, Washington Post writer Adam Kilgore defeated the AP’s Dave Ginsberg 12-11. Adam ate the game-winning hot dog in the 6th inning. The rules were each had to have one hot dog, bun and all per half inning.
P.S. – I wish I had John’s scout league when i was younger. I still wouldn’t have gone anywhere, but I can dream!

GREAT UNDER THE BUS fun today – keep it up and thanks for the fun responses!

We are having a bunch of fun on the show, hope the same is true for you
John & Vinny

Extra Innings: 05/07/07

Marz’s thoughts:  With the return of Roger Clemens, I am starting to wonder what the ramifications of this signing will be. I am not talking about what the Yankees will do, I am referring to a contract signing into the season once again. Will this start a trend that will have players like Glavine, Smoltz, Mussina and more all think "i was going to retire but instead, i will make myself available for the final three months." I certainly hope not!
P.S. – I am available to play the final three months if anyone needs me!

Cuch’s thoughts:  Pauline in SD wrote: Finally, there is a GOD. Someone is making fun of the Yankee/Clemens debacle. How about Jake Peavy? Please tell me that the way he is throwing that he could be the first Padre to toss a no-hitter?
Well, Pauline – i think you are onto something here and John said the same thing during the show. He has the stuff that never touches middle of the plate and if he has good movement of his pitches, he will have not only the K’s, but the ability to have 27 guys not get a single good swing on him!
P.S. – Goodness Gracious….I love this blog stuff!!

Extra Innings: 05/04/07

Here are a sample of some emails that came through in the final moments of the show…

1) Hey guys, John is right about this being the first time a #8 seed beat a #1 seed, in a 7 game set
Dustin South

2) You are both right. It was the first time a 8 seed beat a 1 in a 7 game series. Thanks, Chris

3) Hi Guys, If the Mavericks had not tanked a late regular season game against the Warriors and instead tanked the game against the Clippers they would have faced the Clippers in the first round and the Warriors would not even be in the playoffs.    Matthias in Austria

4) Hey cooch, Marzano is correct.  This is the first time a 8 has beat a 1 in a 7 game series.  The other 2 times were in a 5 game series.    Bleacher Dave in Oakland

5) Man that John Marzano runs his mouth.  How about the same day he loses to Sterno in video game baseball, he fights Micucci for 2 rounds. If Micucci survives, Marzano has to give up cheese steak for a year. If Marzano ko?s Micucci, Vinny has to host every show on MLB Radio for the entire day: Leading Off, Fantasy 411, Midday, Leading Off (no rerun), Bottom Line, Wheelhouse, and UTL.  Just an interesting idea.   Nate in Chicago

This clearly means business…..
Img_5031_2     Tale of the Tape
      Micucci                        vs.                         Marzano
      5’9" and 9/10s                                            5’11" – this is a stretch
      185 lbs                                                       205
      DOB: 4.27.79                                              DOB: 2.14.63
                                Reach: 4 feet                                             Reach: for donuts only
                                Advantage – youth                                     Advantage – actual athlete
                                Disadvantage – shirt selection                   Disadvantage – always talking

Extra Innings: 05/03/07

Marz’s thoughts:  The Cardinals will head to Mississippi today to attend the funeral of Josh Hancock. This is a sad day for the team, the organization and the Hancock family. It will be Tony LaRussa’s job to get the focus of his team on track as best he can. This team was struggling the entire month as it is and turning the tide will be important.
P.S. – I am looking forward to a better month for the Cardinals organization.

Cuch’s thoughts:  I really enjoyed the Cubs broadcast on Comcast yesterday afternoon where Len Kasper and Bob Brenly were talking about the first major league win for Rocky Cherry. I particularly enjoyed the part where they talked about the teams rookie hazing which has him carrying around a pink strawberry shortcake bag!
P.S. – I can’t believe that EJ the Engineer has a THOUGHT!

EJ the Engineer’s thoughts:  How come John keeps getting on me! You know, the only reason we have all these former players on the show is because it is the only way they will talk to him anymore! Take that Marzano.